Tacos and so much more!

We're Not just a bunch of tacos!

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Welcome To Gordingo's

Life is better with tacos!

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A Fiesta of Flavors!

Delicious Tacos and so much more!

Discover vibrant flavors from around the world …the Gordingo’s way!

Nestled inside the heart of Ecusta Brewing in Brevard, NC. , our restaurant offers a unique dining experience where mouthwatering dishes meet the craft of brewing beer, creating an unforgettable fusion of flavor! 

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Gordingo's :

Tacos, Craft Beer and Cocktails!

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Gordingo's Story :

The History of Gordingo!

A Chilean holiday that began in Cauquenes celebrating (a lot of) food. It occurs every Sunday on which you’re allowed to eat whatever you like – no guilt. The celebrations traditionally start on Friday, ending on Sunday.

Craft Brews :

Quench your thirst!

Ecusta Brewing Beers

Pair your Gordingo’s feast with the finest craft brews from Ecusta Brewing. 

Our restaurant is nestled within the brewery, offering a selection of beers that perfectly complement the bold and savory flavors at Gordingo’s.

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Life is better with tacos!