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Our Story :

inside of Ecusta Brewing in Brevard , NC

Marc Kaufman is a lifetime service industry professional with 20+ years in the business. Marc is Co-Owner of both Gordingo’s and Smoke On BBQ in Brevard, NC. 

When approached in 2020 by longtime associate Josh Chambers (Ecusta Brewing) about collaborating on a Brewery/Restaurant space located in the last standing building of the old Ecusta paper mill, Marc didn’t think twice. 

He quickly reached out to fellow industry “lifer” Bill Nassr, and Gordingo’s was soon born. 

Nassr (also boasting 20+ years in the business) had recently come off of a brief hiatus following the closure of Magpie Meat and 3 in Brevard, and was excited about the opportunity. 

Just a couple of fat kids at heart, together the two have created an evolving menu that reflects their love of all things tasty.

Marc and Maggie Kaufman | Owners at Gordingo's
Bill Nassr

Food speaks in a way that few things can. 

The traditions and cultures of our neighbors to the south have shaped this country in countless ways, but perhaps most powerfully through their cuisine. 

No matter where you’re from or what your family looks like you’ve probably experienced “taco night” in one form or another. 

Our aim at Gordingos is to curate a new kind of Taco Night. One that is rooted in a deep respect for the past and a hopeful (and delectable) vision of the future.

At Gordingos we strive to create food that is at once familiar and comforting, yet also new and exciting. 

We lean hard into Latin flavors, but it doesn’t end there. We draw our inspiration from the tables of our childhoods, and the nostalgia of our youth. From the food trucks, street stalls, and hole in walls. From anywhere that exciting flavors can be found. 

Our food may not be “traditional” but it is authentic to who we are, and represents the ways in which we have been influenced by broader culture. 

There are no lines here. Only what is good. 

Join us in our exploration of a new cuisine that we hope will also speak to you and your family.   

Come and experience the new traditions being forged at our table.

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